Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kritter Kids - Breaking Up

Life & Laughter
Years ago, my family and many of our friends planned a picnic at a state park in Delaware.  One of the participants offered to supply all the chicken to this anticipated event.  There were a total of twenty-six attendees, and this person brought a 6-pack of KFC. I was one of the lucky ones. My dad and I split a thigh.

The Pursuit of Art
In the early nineties, I pursued getting a comic strip published.  I tried several strips, but the closest I ever got to comic page fortune and fame was with a strip I called Kritter Kids.  I mailed samples out to several syndicates.  One of the major syndicates held onto my samples for three months.  I worked up the nerve to call them to find out what was the dealio.  When I told the receptionist who I was and what I was calling for, she asked me to "Please hold."  An editor came back on the line to advise me that they were considering distribution of a new comic strip and that my Kritter Kids were one of three that they were considering.  My submission was returned to me a week later.  Close, but no cigar.  Since this is Sunday, here is one of my hand colored Sunday strips from 1991.


I'm tossing around the idea of digitally coloring the originals.  My color sense is much better now than it was twenty years ago when I colored this one.

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