Sunday, January 2, 2011


My mom once bit into a scoop of chocolate ice cream and started chewing on something crunchy. Did she order ice cream with nuts or cookies? Mom looked down at the bowl and saw half a cockroach buried in the ice cream waiting for her to take another bite.

As a follow-up to the cockroach tidbit, it was reported in one of the scientific journals that the average American eats 8 spiders during sleep in their lifetime. Just thought you should know.

Dennis and Mark are riding down the road, when all
of a sudden an insect splatters on their windshield.
Dennis looks at Mark and says. "Bet he won't have the
guts to do that again!"

Where does a spider look to find out how to spell a word?
In WEBster's Dictionary, of course.

How do you hunt for bees?
With a bee bee gun

How does a bee brush it's hair?
With a honey comb

Why don't grasshoppers like football games?
They prefer cricket

The Pursuit of Art
In keeping with the bug theme, here are some paper sculpture bugs I did last year...

Zebra Grasshopper

Puss Moth Caterpillar

Samurai Shield Bugs
Their backs look like tribal masks. Cool, huh?

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