Friday, September 26, 2014

Consolation Prize

I had a project I was working on where I needed a nice pic of an owl. I had gotten a decent one from a small local zoo last year and was hoping for a better photo with the addition of a better camera. But the day was overcast and the owl's home was in a shady enclosure so that photo didn't happen the way I was hoping.

There was also a planted area at the zoo that attracted bees, beetles, butterflies and other insects. I was really gonna attack that area with my camera, but all those flowers and plants had been removed. Maybe someone got stung.

On the whole, this day was a little disappointing, but as with most outdoor experiences, there is usually a consolation prize. My consolation prize on this outing was the little frog sitting here on my son's hand.  
It was not in a cage and was a cute little thing.

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