Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rufescent Tiger Heron

I found this amazing bird at the airport.  Yes, the airport!  The Philadelphia International Airport has dozens of showcases throughout the terminals and concourses used to display art and collections.  At the present, a group of showcases are displaying taxidermic birds.  I took lots of photos through the glass of some rare and beautiful birds.  I'm thinking that they would make good references for future art projects.

Here are some hints for taking photos through glass.  So many people stand in front of the glass firing away, taking awful pictures.

  • Do not use flash.  It just reflects off the glass.
  • Press your camera against the glass.  This acts as a tripod for perfect sharpness.  Look at those feathers!
  • Your photo colors will probably be too warm because the light source will be incandescent lighting.  Use a photo editing program and use a cool or blue filter to adjust the colors. 

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