Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We got so lucky.  So lucky.  Hurricane Sandy made a direct hit in our area, but it had to go through the coastline first, particularly the Jersey Shore.  Places like Atlantic City and Ocean City got pounded.  Over 3 million homes lost power in the Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area.  Here are some photos of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, most of them along the Jersey Shore.

The pin on this map shows where me and my family lives in Delaware.  We never even lost power while many people along the coastline lost everything. 

Trying to escape the waves and rising waters.

Impassable roads.

Devastation from the air.

The amusement park by Seaside Heights is destroyed.

Boardwalks are gone.

A huge tanker ship run aground.

The Hudson River empties into Ground Zero in New York City.

These are photos of how we were affected on the east coast of the United States by Hurricane Sandy.  As bad as all this is, the Caribbean country of Haiti was affected so much worse!  Many there had little or nothing to begin with and now what little they had was washed away.

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