Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Panda Explosion!

I have another site where I am able to promote more of my artwork.  It is called deviantART and my space there can be found at fauxhead.deviantart.com.  There is a daily gallery on the site called the Daily Deviation.  For 24 hours, a small group of artwork is suggested and selected to appear on the home page.  One cannot try to submit their own artwork and there are millions and millions of artwork on the site.
Well, I lucked out and my Faux Wood Panda II made the front page and became an overnight sensation.  In one day, over 8000 people saw my panda.  My watchers went from 6 to 71.  And over 1500 art lovers selected my panda as one of their favorites.  I answered comment after comment and just watched as the number of visitors to my gallery grew and grew.
Here, for a curtain call, is my semi-famous panda!

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