Saturday, March 5, 2011


My computer is sick and I am limited by what I can do with my art and Photoshop.  I am also limited by what I am able to do on this blog.  This will be the situation for the next two or three weeks.  Until that time, I will be posting whatever my system will allow me to post.  Here is a poem and a paper sculpture about a one hundred and four year old man named Gus.  It was part of a feature I did ten years ago called "Paper & Poems".

This is about a man I know
Most people call him "Gus"
The nicest man in the world
He never says a cuss

He lives around the corner
On the same block as me
He makes the bestest cookies
And gives me some for free

The oldest guy I ever met
About a hundred and four
I hope he lives much longer
Fifty years or more

Gus has a girl friend
Her hair is in a bun
He calls her "Young Chicken"
I think she's ninety-one

Gus will never lie to me
He always tells the truth
When he feels the need to laugh
I only see one tooth

I like to talk with Gus
He knows just what to say
Now he wants to take a nap
I guess I'll go and play

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